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Advanced Technologies

Accounting for around 33% of the product costs, advanced technologies are also the backbone of our country's economy and play a decisive role in the balance of trade.

Our services are for businesses and institutions that deal in high-end technologies like robotics, ERP systems, etc..

Current Thinking

Some of the latest in management thinking for Advanced Technologies:

 Research and Development: Myths and Facts!

Most R&D endeavors are essentially efforts to create a 'new' element for the society or mankind. Hence, it is often argued that the objective is not clear. This is the first mis-conception that most people have of R&D. In most projects, the objective is very clear. However, the final outcome is not clearly known. Despite this situation, the possible approaches to the objective are fairly well known...

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 Robotics Systems

Mr. Gurjar was in the core-group that developed Nataraj: The most complex robotic system ever made in India with 36 degrees of freedom (i.e., 36 independent parameters to control at any given time). Mr. Gurjar was responsible for the project realization and the mechanical commissioning. Such a complex robotic system has many challenges ilke stability considerations, speed requirements, manoeuvrability through obstacles (pipes in the nuclear power plants), payload restrictions, severe and corrosive external environments, etc. Most importantly, the directly was to make it from indigenous components.

See the Robot in action on this Youtube link.