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Information Technology

Information Technology and IT enabled services is targeted to reach $300 billion by 2020.

IT service Industry is looking at moving towards a non-linear model from linear one to stay competitive and stay ahead in driving digital transformation of Fortune 500 organization leveraging on SMAC services. The challenges include dysfunctional policies in growing markets, a lack of project management skills at a corporate level and delayed payments at the business level.

The IT industry today has shown a phenomenal growth in the recent years. Traditionally, these companies were divided into hardware and software companies. Today, there are some people who prefer to identify the industry with a composite view of their business model. However, as a technology based industry, the traditional approach is still more robust because it offers a deeper insight into technological advancements and has an easier understanding of the skills involved. The key segments in the industry are, therefore:

And these areas spread across businesses using the vehicles of delivery (hardware) as in processors, connectivity solutions and storage solutions.