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Improper management of construction projects is identified as the most significant reason for time and cost overruns in projects worldwide. It is reported that around 81% of projects run behind schedule! And around 42% of projects have significant cost overruns.

The basic problem of traditional construction management is the inadequacy to understand the multiplicity of issues in the business context.

Traditionally, construction and real estate management grew from what one called the 'developer' and the 'service provider' to a more comprehensive sector that looks at more than just these issues.

At the core, therefore, there are four major areas of operation:

These areas of operation generally spread over three fundamental business segments viz. residential, commercial and industrial businesses. The nature, complexity and scale of the business vary considerably from one segment to the other. However, one must understand that this sector spans across all possible business environments, viz. B2C (Business to Customer), B2B (Business to Business), B2G (Business to Government) and B2S (Business to Society).